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Friday, August 11, 2006

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's Message to the People of Cuba

As Cuban President Fidel Castro was reportedly recovering from surgery for a stomach tumour, on Aug. 4 the American secretary of state issued an English language message to the Cuban people through Radio Marti. In the transcript of her address I have inserted certain words that I believe would have made it more honest:
Today, I would like to speak directly to the Cuban people. [I would like to, but probably your government has managed to jam Radio Marti's broadcast signals once again]:
We in the United States are closely watching the events in Cuba [we still have some spies there]. Much is changing there [we hope in our interest], yet one thing remains constant: America’s commitment to supporting a future of [economic] freedom for Cuba, a future that will be defined by you -- the Cuban people [and by us].
The United States respects your aspirations as sovereign citizens [so long as you accept our trade and investment policies]. And we will stand with you to secure your rights -- to speak as you choose, to think as you please, [to run your businesses as you please,] to worship as you wish [our evangelicals are preparing to go over to spread the gospel], and to choose your leaders, freely and fairly, [just as President Bush was chosen by the American people,] in democratic elections.
All Cubans who desire peaceful democratic [capitalist] change can count on the support of the United States [to bring about the end of socialism]. We encourage the Cuban people to work at home for positive change [in a free market direction], and we stand ready to provide you with humanitarian assistance [which you will need after your social welfare system is done away with], as you begin to chart a new course for your country [really determined by us].
The United States is also encouraging all democratic nations to join together and call for the release of political prisoners [except for ours], for the restoration of your fundamental freedoms [like you had under Batista], and for a transition that quickly leads to multiparty elections in Cuba [,"multiparty" hopefully only meaning two parties].
It has long been the hope of the United States that a free [market], [nominally] independent, and democratic [capitalist] Cuba would be more than just a close neighbor – it would be a close friend [and subject]. This is our goal, now more than ever, and throughout this time of change, all of you must know that you have no greater friend than the United States of America [except for Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Sweden, Norway...].


  • hahahaha, that was excellent.

    I'd just like to say that I honestly hope that Cuba is able to continue to keep fighting for their socialism even after Fidel is gone.

    By Blogger NO ONE, at 2:57 PM  

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